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Soft Spot

dollyllama's image

He looks miserable, eh?

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mac16's picture's have it made, don't they?=)

dollyllama's picture

My mom wants to be reincarnated as one of my cats :)

KevD's picture

Now...that looks comfy :)

fd3rd's picture

He looks like he has become as one with the furniture! Nice!

marson's picture

If he's anything like my cat, he is indistinquishable from the couch. As in the hair on the couch matches the hair on the cat.

dollyllama's picture

I have sat on my cats already they blend so well. Amazing that they come in furniture colors ;)

Eurydice's picture

awww.. II haven't seen this one before.. it is adorable.. I want to lie down with her. :-)